Image converter program

Several images used in the Android system (the framebuffers and initlogo.rle image) are in a RAW format - either BGRA or RGB565. Converting to/from these formats is a little bit tricky, since they aren't the usual RAW formats supported by most programs (e.g. the 4-byte format is normally RGBA, not BGRA).

I wrote a program in VB6 which can read both BGRA and RGB565 and write to BGRA. Here's a screenshot:

This is a ZIP file containing the source code and executable. You'll probably need the VB6 runtime for it to work - see for details, or download the runtime installer from my site at

When importing a RAW image, you need to specify both the image dimensions and the mode to import it in.

Saving a RAW BGRA image - since the alpha channel is ignored, the program writes a constant value to the alpha channel. This can be specified in the box, if required - I'd just leave it at 255.

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