Bought from EBay from seller "electroonuk". Item number 180981598828. Item title 7" Android 4.0.4 Tablet PC 1.2GHZ Allwinner A13 Prcsr 4GB HDD 512MB DDR3 Bundle. This is a nice package including a keyboard and folding case. There appear to be many similar devices available (7" screen, Allwinner A13 processor).

I initially bought two identical devices, which are referred to as "Lindsay's" and "Mum's", for obvious reasons. I managed to partly brick my device (resulting in no WiFi), so I started looking at ways of copying the firmware from the remaining (good) tablet.

Click here for a copy of the original EBay listing.

Some additional features

The device is rooted (which, for those who don't know, means that commands can be run on the device as an administrator - there are no restrictions on what files can be read, programs run, etc.)

Busybox is installed. Although Android is Linux-based, it lacks many common Linux commands. Busybox packages lots of common commands into one program. For example, you can type busybox tar at a shell to run the tar command. The installed version is v1.18.3.

The device has USB "on the go". This means that you can connect devices such as keyboards, USB pen drives etc to the tablet and have them function correctly, in addition to being able to connect the tablet to a host computer. The tablet can act as a "host" for the attached device.

"About tablet" screenshots

Under "Settings", scroll down to "About tablet". This lists the unique details for the particular tablet.

Lindsay's tablet (the eagle-eyed will notice the WiFi symbol is disabled - this is because I screwed up the tablet):

Mum's tablet:

Note the slight differences in the build number naming between the two tablets - this is probably not important, since (as I found later) the firmware from one runs perfectly happily on the other.

The firmware build is nuclear_evb-eng 4.0.4 IMM76D 20121108 (last number is the date and varies between tablets).

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