Was this tablet the best choice? / What if you have a different tablet?

Probably not. This tablet is completely unbranded and there are many similar (also unbranded) tablets out there, all with different firmware. Tracking down suitable firmware was very difficult.

You'd be much better going for a branded Chinese tablet - at least you stand a chance of identifying it and getting firmware. Some examples are the ICOO D50 (other models available) and the Ainol Nova 7, both of which are pretty cheap (£40-£60). A quick search throws up various sites with official, up-to-date firmware for these devices.

I would imagine the processes describe here will be pretty applicable to other Allwinner A13 (and possibly A10)-based tablets (e.g. the ICOO D50). However, be warned that other tablets may have different partition structures or handle firmware differently (for example, Livesuit is only for Allwinner-based tablets).

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