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Bayonet bulb plug adapter (22/11/11)

This bulb plug adapter is shown for curiosity only. I accept no responsibility for any damange or injury caused if you're foolish enough to actually make and use something similar! It is not a safe device (unearthed) and I only use it in an emergency.

Rant over. This shows how to turn a dead energy-saving bulb into an adapter which lets you connect things to a standard bayonet lightbulb socket. Plugs like these used to be available in the UK years ago but have disappeared from use because of their inherent safety problems - the lack of any earth, no control over which way live & neutral are connected, and people foolishly trying to run high-power appliances through them. Having said all that, they are actually quite useful. My particular need was running a UV exposure box in the attic where we don't have any plug-in mains sockets, but there are light sockets. Since the total power of the UV box is only about 100W, and the entire case is plastic, it's possible to run it from a light socket safely.

The pictures are pretty self-explanatory.

Dead bulb

Bottom prised off

Remove tube and keep - this can still be lit with a HV supply

Keep for parts!

Mount terminal block

Wires go from terminal block to pads on the bayonet fitting

End of fitting - wires are soldered through the small holes in the center of the pads and then plenty solder is applied to form a "bump".