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Old TV tube neck assembly (27/05/14)

It was in a room of what had been the laboratory that she stopped. It was a coil of wire that made her stop. The coil protruded from a pile of junk. She had never seen that particular arrangement of wires, yet it seemed familiar, as if it touched the hint of some memory, faint and very distant. She reached for the coil, but could not move it: it seemed to be a part of some object buried in the pile.

The discovery of Galt's motor, Atlas Shrugged.

Unfortunately this doesn't exactly rank in quite the same category, but that's what came to mind when I found it. Out hiking one day, I found what was presumably an old TV set chucked over a wall, and I spotted the neck assembly with the deflection coils. For the remotely interested, here's where I found it - map 1, map 2.

Anyway. The deflection coil assembly is rather interesting, as it's unlike any of the modern coils which are usually wrapped right around the neck and contoured to provide a close fit. The coils in this assembly are pretty much symmetrical. I also don't see any astigmatism correction - modern coils have a whole stack of little twiddly ferrite things to adjust out any astigmatism. There's two large ferrite disc magnets located towards the rear of the deflection coils - I'm not sure what the purpose of these is.

The actual electron gun assembly is a bit peculiar. This is perhaps easier observed in the video below, but essentially the electron gun appears to be off-axis and there is a funny bent end cap on the large tubular electrode. I initially thought the electrode had been damaged by dropping, but on closer inspection is is definitely made this way.

The casing is about 10cm diameter by 12cm long.

Here's a rather rambling video overview. Note that until about half-way through the video I'm confused as to why the deflection coils appear to be located directly over the electron gun assembly, until I realise that the tube neck has probably been shoved through the deflection assembly, and it would normally be located after the final electrode, as expected.

10/02/17: Check out Tuopeek's page on old CRT guns - he clearly shows the "bent" style of electron gun. Also this page on old TV tubes.