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Copper pipe spudgun (11/07/01)

03/12/10: This is arguably the very first webpage I ever put up! It's about a pneumatic spudgun made entirely from copper plumbing pipe and fittings. One interesting feature is the coaxial air chamber, although this is hardly original. It was originally hosted at http://www.geocities.com/lrwweb but has been moved around a lot since.

Rather than make the page "pretty" to fit into the layout of this current site, I've left the page in all its original antique glory (complete with numerical errors and typos!), and you can see it by clicking here (opens in a new window).

Incidentially, the email address on that page (lrw42@supanet.com) does actually still work, but please don't use it for contacting me - stick to using the lindsay@imajeenus.com address.