LiveSuit image - detailed look at partition files

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Having extracted the Livesuit files, we'll now have a look at each of the partition files and see what format they're in and what they contain.


This is the usual kernel+ramdisk format and can be unpacked using unmkbootimg as described elsewhere. It corresponds byte-for-byte with the boot partition (nandc).


This is a simple vfat image corresponding exactly to the bootloader (nanda) partition and can be mounted using

sudo mount -o loop -t vfat RFSFAT16_BOOTLOADER_00000 tempdir


This is a sparse ext4 image and can be converted and mounted using simg2img as described elsewhere. Its contents correspond to the data (nande) partition.


Bytewise identical to the environment partition (nandb). Unsure about the exact contents.


Same as the boot partition - contains kernel+ramdisk, requires unmkbootimg to unpack. Byte identical to the recovery partition (nandg).


This is also a sparse ext4 image and can be converted with simg2img. It corresponds to the system (nandd) partition.

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