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ICSP adapter for EasyPIC5 (27/10/11)

For PIC development, I use an EasyPIC5 board from MikroElektronika. It's a great board, but it doesn't have any in-built means of doing ICSP (in-circuit serial programming), which means a lot of plugging/unplugging of PICs. I bodged up this little cable to enable me to program PICs when they're mounted in an external circuit. It just takes the various programming and power signals from a spare DIP socket on the EasyPIC board and feeds them to a PCB header which is attached to the top of the PIC with some short wires. It could equally well go to a permanent header on the PCB itself.

Please click here for a wiring diagram and some comments. Note the use of the double-row socket to allow a choice for the source of +5V power.

Cable connected to EasyPIC5 and external circuit

DIP8 socket used as a plug (wires are soldered in)

Shows how header is soldered to top of IC pins

13/08/13: Check out a better ICSP connector and a pogo-pin programming jig.