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Removing my number board from behind the wall (22/07/12)

This is what we spend our Sundays doing!

I have a number board which I used when I was very wee for learning counting etc - just a 2ft square board with the numbers 1-100 written on it. Since I haven't exactly needed it in a while, it was stuck up the attic, leaning against one of the end walls.

During a recent Big Attic Clearout, Dad inadvertently leaned against the board. Suddenly, with a sort of whoosh-rattle-thud sound, it magically disappeared!

The attic isn't floored very carefully, and there is a very small gap between the inside of the brickwork and the wooden wall framing. The board had managed to slide down between the two and got stuck half-way down.

After much swearing and trying to catch hold of it from above with bits of wire and string, we did what any normal family does on a Sunday afternoon - hack a bit out the wall to get at the board.

First, we drilled a hole in the wall to try and see just where the board was by looking at what number we struck. Naturally, we hit a number which could be read both upside down and right way up! Was it 89 or 68?

We eventually determined it was 89 after all, and proceeded to mark out where the board was and cut out a piece of the wall to get at it. Unfortunately, there was no room to extricate the board from below - there were too many straps behind the wall boards.

So, I managed to dangle two bits of cable down from above and we got them tied on. The first time I tried lifting it, the board slid sideways and ended up jammed even tighter. Fortunately, we got it loose, and eventually managed to pull it back up behind the wall into the attic!

Dad managed to nail back the piece of wall we'd removed (which, naturally, had been freshly wallpapered just a few months ago). Fortunately, all the damage is behind a set of shelves which are packed with books and folders, so there's no need to re-paper the wall - nobody will ever see it.

Moral of the tale? Well, if you think on one, let me know! I guess, make sure your attic is floored properly, especially at the walls......