Hand machined mechanical pencils



Zodiac Tiles A new range of glazed ceramic tiles featuring the beautiful characters of the Chinese Zodiac!


Electric guitar improvements Over the past few months, I've been doing various changes/improvements to my electric guitar

Factual errors in a speech by Jeremy Corbyn A little digging into a speech from a couple of years back shows some interesting errors.

Freeze frame effect An effect like in One Direction's You & I video, where a moving character apears to merge into their frozen image and then move on


Taylor Swift - frames from second "The Giver" trailer More screencaps from the second trailer

End of the RED tour Just a wee image I whipped up to mark the end of Taylor Swift's tour

Solvent spray fireball Slow-motion video of a fireball from burning solvent

Taylor Swift - frames from "The Giver" trailer Screencaps from the official trailer

Taylor Swift $13 bill A bit of Photoshop fun


Rescuing board from behind wall A rather surreal situation...