Hand machined mechanical pencils

Taylor Swift - Thirteen Dollar $13 bill (11/03/14)

I'll admit I'm a sucker for TS. I found this recently (source):

Somebody then thought it would be neat to have a $13 bill. (Why 13? Come on, you can't be a Swiftie and not know that.) So here's my first humble attempt. The font is "Legal Tender", with a bit of stretching and offsetting, which comes out pretty close to the original bill font.

Which I thought was pretty neat until I saw the glaringly obvious "100" still present over the Treasury seal. More Photoshopping:

Hmm. Too blocky. Ditch the number over the seal alltogether:

Looks better. Parts of the shield are still obscured by the original "100", but the resolution is too low to really do anything realistic. I could go and scan a $100 bill but that's getting a wee bit carried away....