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Taylor Swift - Frames from "The Giver" trailer (20/03/14)

09/05/14: See here for frames from the second trailer!

The official trailer for "The Giver", which TS has a part in, was recently released:

You have to be quick - she only appears for three frames at around the 44 second mark!

After a bit of poking, I was able to get nice full 1920x1080 frame images (click to view full size):

Short animation:

Here's how I got them, for the technically minded. Useful info for pulling frames from video.

First, I used Firefox and the Flashgot plugin to download the video from Youtube. I selected the "DASH (separate audio and video tracks) -> hd1080 video/mp4" option. This is only the video stream (no audio), but that doesn't matter. Here's a screenshot:

Despite the video being in a normal H264 encoding, Adobe Premiere refused to open it. Here's the video info:

Fortunately, I remembered ffmpeg, which is a command-line tool to do a whole load of decoding/encoding stuff. After a bit of playing around, the following command did the trick:

ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -ss 43 -t 2 image%03d.bmp

input.mp4 is the input video file. -ss 43 tells it to start at the 43 second position. -t 2 converts for a length of 2 seconds (i.e. we cover the region 43 to 45 seconds). image%03d.bmp is the output filename - I don't quite understand the name format, but this results in a 3-digit increasing counter for each frame. After running, you end up with a whole lot of bitmap files, one for each video frame.