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Powder coating starlock washers (07/07/15)

I had previously made a simple powder-coating gun using a jamjar as the reservoir and an air blow gun to agitate and dispense the powder. I dug it out recently to do another job, and thought I'd take some decent photos this time.

The power supply is actually intended for flocking, but works equally well for powder coating. It's from Campbell Coutts Ltd. and is set at about 30kV. This works much better than my old flyback power supply, which could barely put out 15kV on a good day. The powder is from Electrostatic Magic. I'm coating capped starlock washers (from from Baker & Finnemore Ltd.) - these are supported on a grid of nails to allow the powder to reach the underside as well. The powder is cured for 10min at 180°C in a toaster oven.

Body of spray gun

Underside of lid. Inlet on right, outlet on left.

Blowgun attached

Filled with black powder

With charging nozzle

Parts of charging nozzle

Needles to charge the powder

Power supply (set to ~30kV)

Using the laser cutter as a dust extractor

Supply and foot switch


Caps before coating. They sit loosely on nails.

Ready to coat

After coating with black powder

Curing oven (pizza oven + PID controller)

After curing for 10 minutes at 180°C

Here's a video of the coating and curing process: