CNC coil winder A coil winder attachment for the lathe


CO2 laser cutter The setup, operation and modifications of a 40W Chinese laser cutter


Webcam crosshairs/alignment Using a cheap webcam to align things on the CNC router

Micro gas torch A small oxy-gas torch which uses hypodermic needles as tips

Pinchoff tool for copper tube Tool for sealing off small-diameter copper tubing, for example in vacuum devices

Spot welder A spot welder made from a microwave oven transformer

Degassing chamber Small degassing chamber made from a stainless-steel dog bowl

Cutting glass tubing on the lathe Cutting glass tubing by scratching and heating with a torch flame


Dual-spindle glass lathe A lathe with two synchronised spindles for glassblowing operations

Pulse arc welding using TIG How to use very brief pulses from a TIG torch to weld small wires and thin metal

Electrolytic etching and machining Very simple technique for etching metal parts, which can even be used for simple electrochemical machining.

Using solder glass Joining pieces of glass together using solder glass. Also using it to apply decoration.

Electric melting furnace A small electric furnace which can melt about 1kg of aluminium

Ultrasonic drilling Drilling small holes in hard materials using ultrasound

TIG footswitch and timer A footswitch for my TIG welder, which also does as a timer for doing short pulse welds

Manual orbital TIG welding Making circular joints with the TIG

Lathe DRO Adding a digital readout to my lathe

Aluminium anodising Home anodising for aluminium - deep black colour

Lathe quick change toolpost Adding a new quick change toolpost to my lathe

Machinable wax Making some machinable wax

Uses for disposable syringes Some uses for disposable syringes (flux, grease, oil, solder paste etc).

Propane melting furnace A propane burner upgrade to my little electric melting furnace for melting aluminium. Also example of sand-casting a part.

Single-arm water manometer For measuring small pressure differences

Storage drawer retainer Simple means of preventing over-filled storage drawers from jamming when pulling them out

Sandblasting glass Sandblasting glass through a laser-cut vinyl stencil to apply marks/decoration


DIY Diecutting Shows how to make a steel-rule die and use it for diecutting materials with a hydraulic press

Card creasing/folding punch Technique for creasing card so it folds nicely

Miniature rope knurling tool Lathe tool for doing decorative "rope style" knurls

Travelling lathe steady Ball-bearing travelling steady for my BV20M lathe

Sherline mill swarf guard Simple device to keep the ways on the mill clean

Gamepad controller for milling machine Using a cheap USB gamepad as a control pendant for a Sherline mill

Wire butt welder Butt welder for small wires, using a pulse from the TIG torch

Hydraulic press My 20 ton hydraulic press.

Punch and die set for washers For punching washers from thin metal sheet

LED ring light Turning a cheap USB-powered LED light into a ring light for the Sherline mill

Hunton bench punch The bench punch

CRT stem pin holder Simple jig to stop pins moving when fusing glass

Hot air pencil A scratch-built hot air rework pencil for soldering PCBs

Sherline spindle drawbar remover Quick tool to remove the collet drawbar on a Sherline spindle without whacking it

Turning between centers My very first attempt ever at turning something between centers on the lathe

Thin diamond saw Small spindle for a thin diamond lapidary saw blade

Electric hotplate A high-temperature hotplate for soldering etc.

Sharpening a tap An attempt at sharpening a tap on the lathe

Magnetic indicator arm Refurbishing a cheap Chinese quick-release indicator arm

Powder coating Simple arrangement to do powder coating

Vacuum hold downs A couple of vacuum hold down chucks for my CNC router

Sherline coolant tray Turning a loaf tin into a coolant tray for the Sherline mill


Test indicator contact tip bar Bar contact for the end of my test indicator - useful for turning eccentric work in the lathe

Nails as tommy bars Using some 4" nails as Sherline tommy bars

A better hotplate Adding a frame and cooling fan to my electric hotplate

Garage tour Quick tour around the garage!

Bench punch leverage measurement How much leverage does the bench punch actually give?

Imitation Mitutoyo test indicator Pretty poor quality, but good enough

Molybdenum disulfide laser marking Using dry lubricant spray to apply marks to metal and ceramic

PCB drilling Automatically drilling circuit boards on the CNC router

Laser-engraved panels Laser-engraved white plasticard + black enamel paint = simple, effective instrument panel

Nail clipper wire strippers Nail clippers make very effective (and cheap) wire strippers/cutters

IKEA lamp - modifications Turning an IKEA Jansjö LED lamp into a microscope lamp

Threaded retaining rings How to grip them when there aren't any screwdriver slots

Tool for holding DC jacks This lets you tighten the jack entirely from the outside


Miniature tube drill I made this to remove small broken wood screws and enable plugging of the resulting hole

Sherline chuck arbor Mounting a Sherline chuck on my big lathe

6mm broach A single-tooth broach cutter for producing an accurate hole in plastic

Telescoping bore gauge Making a simple bore gauge for approx. 14mm bores

Repairing a threaded hole in aluminium Correcting a poorly drilled hole in an aluminium part by plugging and re-drilling

Extending a lens tube Extending a metal lens tube which had been cut too short - gluing in a metal plug and re-machining to size

Tube swaging drawbench Making a quick-and-dirty drawbench for enlarging some stainless tubing

Measuring topslide angle How to accurately measure or set the topslide angle on the lathe


Eccentric turning with two chucks Using a 3-jaw chuck held in a 4-jaw chuck for eccentric turning

Bottoming tap modification Grinding the bottom off a bottoming tap to allow threading right to the bottom of holes

Split clamp for lathe Simple, strong clamp for holding cylindrical work accurately in the lathe

Powder coating starlock washers Another (better) example of powder coating, this time on to capped starlock washers

Arbor press ram machining Sprucing up a cheap 1-ton arbor press. Boring the end of the ram to take cylindrical tooling.

Hot-melt glue as strain relief Using hot-melt glue on a cable connector to both protect the connection and provide strain relief

Hot foil stamping Adapting parts from a cheap manual foiling machine to an arbor press

Grinding disc arbor for Sherline An M14x2mm adapter for the Sherline headstock so it can hold angle grinder discs

Making a D reamer Simple stepped-diameter reamer, ground using the lathe

Cutting rubber tubing on the lathe A razor blade makes it easy to cut rubber tubing

Sliding bandsaw table A simple sliding table for the bandsaw to allow accurate straight and right-angle cutting