Hand machined mechanical pencils

Sliding bandsaw table (25/12/15)

The bandsaw came with a rather rudimentary miter fence/guide which slides in one of the table's T slots. However, the fit is very loose and it can wobble from side to side quite easily. I made up a sliding table which accurately fits into the slot and alows accurate straight and right-angle cutting.

For some bizarre reason, the width of the T slots isn't anything remotely standard - it's 9.3mm! So there's no standard piece of key stock or anything which will fit. Instead, I turned a couple of steel "buttons" and screwed them to a ¾" MDF base. The buttons are hardened so they should keep their size over time and not wear down. I made one cut into the base, sliding it along so the cut is exactly parallel with the direction of motion. I then added a small strip of wood at right angles, so workpieces can be butted up against it, and also a toggle clamp. Lastly, for this particular job, I added a stop at the far right so I can cut lots of pieces to exactly the same length.

If all that's a bit unclear, here's photos and a video which should reveal all: