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Hunton bench punch (02/07/12)

This is my Dad's bench punch. It's seen a lot of use over the years, mainly for jewellery (cups for stones, blanks etc). Made by Hunton who no longer seem to be around, although a similar punch still seems to be available from Hartle IGE - see http://www.hartleige.com/product/hunton-punches and last photo below.


Unlike most bench punches, it is not a rack and pinion action. I once had a peek inside - there is a clever toggle lever arrangement which gives maximum force about ¾ way through the stroke.


Since this one is a model 12/9B and the one listed on Hartle IGE's site is a 6/9B, I assume that the ram part is the same, so it's a 3 ton rating.

Video of action:

Some things I've done with this punch:

25/07/13: I measured the amount of leverage which this punch gives - see here.