Hand machined mechanical pencils



Macro photography stand Simple stand for holding both a camera and ring light. Useful trick for getting black backgrounds in photos.


Hard disk drive mirrors Making mirrors for a CO2 laser cutter from hard drive platters

Air-gap flash Optical trigger sensor used to detect an airgun pellet and fire an air-gap flash


Flicker LED macro photos Looking at a "candle effect" LED

X-ray of my hand Very quick exposure to try an image of my hand

X-ray of IKEA "wood" Taking an X-ray of the top from an Expedit shelving unit, to show the cardboard honeycomb inside

Current and voltage in CO2 laser Some graphs of current, voltage an resistance for the tube in my CO2 laser cutter

Thermal measurement of laser power Measuring the power of the CO2 laser cutter

Plastic optical fiber fittings Various fittings I made for plastic optical fiber


405nm 100mW UV laser diode A laser module using a blu-ray diode

Taking shadow-free photos How to take good product photos without shadows

Infrared projector Projecting an image that only a modified webcam can see


Arc lamp attachment for a TIG welder Attachment for a TIG torch to turn it into an arc lamp

Running a mercury arc lamp from a TIG welder Using the HF start on a TIG welder to trigger an arc lamp and run it

Digital camera spectroscope Attaching a direct-vision handheld spectroscope to a digital SLR camera


RF CO2 laser head Some pictures of the insides of a folded-resonator laser head.


Uranium marbles Some pictures of uranium marbles fluorescing


Sodium street lamp Old sodium street lamp running from an NST

Zeeman effect An old page with photos of the Zeeman effect experiment I did at university


Homebuilt CO2 gas lasers My early (2003-2004) attempts at building several CO2 lasers