Hand machined mechanical pencils


Some software listed here is written in Visual Basic 6 and may need the VB6 runtime to be installed. You can download this from Microsoft's site at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/290887.


AxiDraw - Cyanotype paper Using a 100mW 405nm UV laser on the AxiDraw to "draw" on Cyanotype paper

Lorenz attractor drawing with Rhinoscript A Rhinoscript program (for Rhino3D) to draw the Lorenz attractor. Gives a fully editable path.

AxiDraw - Lorenz attractor A Python script to calculate and draw the Lorenz attractor in realtime on the AxiDraw. Examples of pen drawing, light painting, and glow in the dark vinyl exposure.

AxiDraw - laser cutting, light painting and phosphorescent/glow in the dark vinyl How to get the AxiDraw to control a laser diode, with examples of laser cutting, light painting using long-exposure photography, and "drawing" on phosphorescent (glow in the dark) vinyl.


Single-line fonts Overview of all the single-line fonts I've found


Procedural texture in Rhino Useful trick for doing random-looking background "textures"

Finding Windows handles How to find the handle for a particular window, including a wildcard search

Inter-process communication using WM_COPYDATA How to exchange data between applications using the WM_COPYDATA message. Visual Basic 6 code.

Focus stacking Creating macro images with an infinite depth of field

Single file PHP gallery This is a great program/script I found which does exactly what it says on the tin

Webcam crosshairs using Processing I finally managed to write a decent crosshairs program using the Processing environment

Translating text files with Google Chrome If you have a plain text file with gibberish characters in it, try this trick.

Android tablet info Partitions, images, LiveSuit and all that stuff. Final result - a working LiveSuit image for my tablet.

Displaying code in the <pre> HTML tag How to show program code etc. inside a <pre> tag.

Rotary slit scanner Using a webcam and VB6 to take slit scan images of a rotating object


Rhinoceros 3D DXF export schemes Best settings to choose when exporting a DXF file

Calculator A basic high-visibility calculator with large digits

Electric field plotter Software to calculate the electric field and potential around arbitrary objects. Voltages defined by a bitmap colour.

Myst Selenitic Age mazerunner map PDF map of the mazerunner, from realMYST

Mapping the Num Lock key to a comma So you can enter coordinates using only the numeric keypad

Using a webcam in VB6 with AVICAP32.DLL Possibly the simplest way of getting a webcam feed into VB6 for manipulation


Scripted animation in Rhino 3D How to do some very basic animation in Rhino 3D


Excel interpolation wizard This is a spreadsheet which performs linear interpolation of data points